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12c Database

This page is exclusively for 12c Database features and I will be adding more contents and links going on, Keep visiting this page and the links.

Installation Articles

Installation of 12c Grid Infrastructure Using Linux 6(64 Bit) on Virtual Box
Installation of 12c RAC Database using Linux 6 (64 bit) on Virtual Box
Installing & Creating Standalone 12c Database (Silent Methods)
Upgrade to & Converting to RAC (Manual)
Creating Multitenant Database Manually
Step by Step Standby Database creation using RMAN Duplicate for standby (No backups or No extra config required)
Upgrade Methods – Oracle Slide Deck

Oracle Sharding Feature (12.2 New Feature)

Oracle Sharding (12.2) Install & Configure Shards (12.2) Managing Shards

12c Architecture with Multitenant Databases

12c Multitenant DB Architecture12c Multitenant DB Architecture 12c CDB Databases Overview 12c Understanding Common & Local Users
12c Data dictionary Create PDB’s, Plug & Unplug Manage PDB’s
Backup & Recovery in CDB’s Distinguishing the PDD & CDB in dynamic view V$ or DBA_HIST Viewing Information of CDB & PDB
Local Undo at PDB Level (12.2) SGA Settings at PDB Level (12.2)

Administration & Development Enhancements

Change Varchar2 to 32K 12c Database Parameters-Useful ones 12c Deprecated Parameters
Move Datafile Online New SYS Roles/Users for OS Authentication Multiples indexes on same columns
Invisible Columns Rebuild index online – no key limit DDL Logging
Undo in temporary tablespace Restricting PGA 12c New Background Processes
Row Archival – Hide rows New column Last_login_time in dba_users Threaded Executions – New
Truncate – Cascade Default Values for Columns Query Patches from the database
Temporal Validity Identity Columns ROW Limiting with Fetch Clause
SQL Translation Framework Network-Default SDU from 32K to 2M
Long Identifiers (12.2) SQLPLUS Settings (12.2)  Index Usage Monitoring (12.2)

Information Life Cycle Management & Compression Enhancements

ILM – Automatic Data Optimization ILM – ADO – Practice Flashback data archive (FDA) with optimization (i.e Compression)
New Names in compression

Partitioning Enhancements

Truncate with Cascade with Foreign Keys Interval Partitioning Enhancements Asynchronous Index Maintenance
Multiple Partitions Maintenance Partial Indexing Move Partitions Online
Partition Maintenance package Convert Table Partition using Alter Table (12.2)

Data loading

SQL Loader express loading Datapump Enhancements – Export Datapump Enhancements - Import


Unified Auditing – Overview Unified Auditing - Practice Sec_case_sensitive_logon – Upgrade gotcha
Privilege Capture Deprecated features in Oracle Security Resource role does not contain unlimited tablespace option
Select any Dictionary no more sensitive


MultiSection image copies Restore Table or Partition from RMAN Select with RMAN
Recovery Datafiles using Network service from Standby directly Duplicate Database Enhancements Roll forward the Standby using Network service without incremental backups

Optimizer & Performance Tuning

Adaptive Query Optimization Adaptive Execution Plans Automatic Reoptimization
(Statistics Feedback & Dynamic statistics)
SQL Plan Directives SPM with Adaptive Query Optimization  Approximate Query Processing (12.2)
Other Features
Monitor Database Operations Hybrid Histograms DBMS_XPLAN Reporting Mode
Custom Clustering Factor Approximate Aggregations (12.2)
Statistics Enhancements
CTAS collects statistics GTT – Session level statistics DBMS_STATS in Reporting Mode
 Statistics Advisor Task (12.2)

Grid Infrastructure

Flex Cluster – Overview Convert Normal cluster to Flex Cluster IPV6 Support for cluster connect


Global Data Services srvctl in evaluation mode Application Continuity – Transaction Guard

Automatic Storage Management

FlexASM Overview New ASMCMD Commands Metadata Replication
New Replace Disk Command Increase in storage limits Estimate the Disk rebalance operations
ASM Disk scrubbing – Logical corruption check OCR Backup in ASM Diskgroup Password files in ASM Diskgroup


Fast Sync Far Sync Standby Global Temporary Tables in DG
Network Recovery


New Script Parallel Upgrade