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Oracle 12.2 New Features : Long Identifiers – What a relief

Oracle 12.2. is out and in Cloud first. 🙂

Out of all features one future must aware and important thing is long identifiers limitation relief , earlier any table or index cannot exceed more than 30 character length.

Not sure how many of you have face issues with character limit, but I was, and many times encountered this limitation as an obstacle to push Oracle as the database for some projects. And I have suggested alternate approaches always to developers and they used to refer some other database allow it why not Oracle. 🙂

Especially when you use Salesforce as your CRM , it allowed more than 30 characters as name length for an object (ofcourse the underlying database for Salesforce is oracle only but they have their own application layer tables like apex ) and having a Datawarehouse or data lake by pulling the data from salesforce and from your application and creating a BI reports and dimensions is difficult in such cases.

So well, now back to post , now Oracle allows more than 30 characters for a name of table/index etc.

As 12.2. its in beta and only released in cloud so far, Here is the screenshot



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