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AWS EBS Snapshot Cleanup Script


Today it’s another script, we have got piles of EBS snapshots (around 50,000) over period of 2 years.To give a bit background the EBS volume snapshots will be taken every 4 hours along with our rds snapshots to maintain the recover-ability for some of the lob objects. So each volume having 6 per day […]

AWS RDS: Stop & Start Script


Well, many of you may already have this, but most of you have deployed this kind of script with lambda with a list of instances as input.

However, in my case the instances changes at least weekly as we build and terminate every two weeks and instances list is not constant, so with instances […]

AWS RDS – Start & Stop Feature Available


Finally, The long awaited feature AWS RDS Stop/Start database feature is available with Amazon RDS, As of now you can only modify / terminate but cannot stop / start.

Check out your console and you see option to stop and start.

Seems not officially stated but available in console. 🙂




Configuring RAC on Amazon Cloud

Hello All,

This post is specifically for those who works on Amazon Cloud and want to build a RAC on Amazon EC2 Instances (machines).

There is a very good article in the AWS Documentation Articles (here), but the linux instances taken and built were very large and per hour it cost around 4$ each […]