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SRVCTL Command : For SCAN

SRVCTL command for SCAN(Single Client Access Name):

To Add a SCAN

    Command: srvctl add scan -n nodename
    Example: srvctl add scan -n lnxrac1

To Remove a SCAN

Example: srvctl remove scan [-f]

Note: Below command is using ordinal_number parameter so An ordinal number is that identifies which SCAN VIP you want to start. The range of values you can specify for this option is 1 to 3.

To Start a SCAN

    Command: srvctl start scan [-i ordinal_number] [-n node_name]
    Example: srvctl start scan -i 1 -n lnxrac1

To Stop a SCAN

    Command: srvctl stop scan [-i ordinal_number] [-f]  
    Example: srvctl stop scan -i 1

To Check status of SCAN

    Command: srvctl status scan [-i ordinal_number]
    Example: srvctl status scan -i 1

To Enable a SCAN

    Command: srvctl enable scan [-i ordinal_number]
    Example: srvctl enable scan -i 1

To Disable a SCAN

    Command: srvctl disable scan [-i ordinal_number]
    Example: srvctl disable scan -i 3

To Configure a SCAN

    Command: srvctl config scan [-i ordinal_number]
    Example: srvctl config scan -i 2

To Modify SCAN

    Command: srvctl modify scan -n scan_name
    Example: srvctl modify scan -n SCAN1

To Relocate a SCAN

    Command: srvctl relocate scan -i ordinal_number [-n node_name]
    Example: srvctl relocate scan -i 2 -n lnxrac2