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12c Database : Datapump Enhancements : IMPORT (IMPDP)

Here are the some of enhancements for Import (IMPDP) Disabling Logging for Oracle Data Pump Import

You can now use the DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING Paramaeter to disable logging for table, index or both during import.

Logging is not completely disable but only a small amount is generated. Also don`t forget that there is a database parameter […]

12c Database : Datapump Enhancements (EXPDP)

Here is the list of enhancements for export datapump.


expdp Specifying the Encryption Password

You can now specify silently a password during runtime. When you import a encrypted Dumpfile you can pass the Password for that file from the STDIN. The password will not visible by commands like ps or will not […]