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Example 17: Start, Stop, Report, Altering Extract – Regenerating, Rolling Over etc

There are numerous options for extract process and changes from version to version and many new introduced.

Out of them , The following will be useful in the cases as mentioned below.

Starting & Stopping Extract

stop extract ext3

start extract ext3

Starting and stopping extracts

Killing Extract

kill extract ext3

Some times extract process does not respond to stop and you need to kill it. 
Report Lag of Extract from source

lag extract ext3

Reports how much lag extract is from the database, it will provide more information than INFO command
Begin the extract again ALTER EXTRACT EXT3, BEGIN NOW

Caution, This will make extract to restart from current SCN, so when you do this you are actually making extract to start fresh replication from current point.

When you are trying to fix and restarting extract, you should use

start extract ext3

Restart extract from specific date and time
ALTER EXTRACT ext3, BEGIN 2015-07-13

Useful when you missed some extract files and replication is abended

but ensure this will reset extract trail

Restart extract from specific date and time & rollover
ALTER EXTRACT ext3, BEGIN 2015-07-13, etrollover

This will restart the extract to read specific time and also start new sequence number. The replicat must be modified to read from this new sequence on target

alter replicat rep3 , extseqno 1

Extract to start processing at a specific location in the trail.

Useful when extract abended for any reasons and you want to restart the extract to regenerate those redo records from that particular sequence at particular RBS

You can find the RBA and SEQNO in extract info, where its abended. or replicat

info extract ext3, detail

info replicat rep3, detail

For RAC, read for specific thread
ALTER EXTRACT ext3, THREAD 4, BEGIN 2015-07-13
For rac environments if you want extract process reads from thread 4 for the said date.
Start new sequence for Extract

This will create new extract sequence no. and replicat must ensure to start from new sequence

alter replicat rep3, extseqno 1

For Oracle , Particular SCN
ALTER EXTRACT ext3, SCN 778899

For particular log sequence
ALTER EXTRACT ext3, logseqno 18
For oracle , to read from specific scn & specific log file sequence, This is differ from extseqno
For SQL Server, Particular LSN
ALTER EXTRACT ext3, LSN 3454:875:445
For MS-SQL Server, to start over from particular LSN number
For DB2, particular LRI ALTER EXTRACT ext3, TRANLOG LRI 8066.322711 For DB2 LUW, to restart the extract from particular LRI
Unregister  Unregister extract ext3  Unregister extract from database
Delete Extract delete extract ext3 Deletes the extract 
cleanup cleanup extract ext3 this will just clean the records from checkpoint table , not deletes the extract