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Here you find the Dataguard related Articles and links. THANKS.

  1. Dataguard Overview
  2. Dataguard Enhancements
  3. Dataguard Setup (Single Instance)
  4. Dataguard Setup (RAC)
  6. General Checks
  7. Logical standby Known issues
  8. Logicalstandbytuning 
  9. Dataguard Known Issues
    1. Invalid Username & Password (ORA-10310
    2. Tnsnames & Listener.ora (ORA-12514)
    3. Archive Destination Incorrect (ORA-16012)
    4. Archiver Hung (ORA-125430
    5. Archive Shipped but not registered
    6. Dataguard Configuration Parameters (ORA-16009)
    7. Datafile is not added automatically (ORA-1111)
    8. Handling Block Corruption in Standby (ORA-01578)
    9. Query in standby database failed (ORA-26040)
    10. Archive Missing-Rollforward Recover(
  10. Interview QUESTION & Answers