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Quick Question : Finding Transactions on a Table

Folks! this subject line may sound silly, but most of us really think how for a moment.

Business Requirement is some want to add a column to high volatile table, So they want to understand, Does it cause issue as its high volatile and access by Website? What is the best time to add a […]

Quick Question: What happens when run in rac installation?


I am bumped on the following to answer in a exact sequential way, hence want to note it here.

While in a rac installation, when you run , what are the sequence of actions that take place?

Node 1 Initial Setup Setup OLR for storing Oracle local registry data Setup GPnP wallet and […]

Quick Question: What are the kernel parameters to tune cluster interconnect performance

To tune the cluster interconnect performance typically the messages buffers size that should transmit between the nodes, the following kernel parameters should set. 256K is fairly adequate.

net.core.rmem_default = 262144 net.core.rmem_max = 262144 net.core.wmem_default = 262144 net.core.wmem_max = 262144


Geek DBA

Quick Question: When was the table last modified

Hello All,

In continuation of my previous post,

Quick Question: When is my table last accessed? Does my index is in use?

I have another questions when is my table last modified and what are the ways i can view it.

Here you go,

1) Enabling audit on segment

1)Enable auditing […]

Quick Question: IMPDP: How to import or create constraints in parallel


My friend is having a problem while import using IMPDP, which poses us some questions here.

The impdp is hung or just processing at constraints enabling around 7000+ (massive 2TB database) and apparently ran for 3 days.

Note, He had already used parallel = 10.

Now question is,

1) Does parallel clause work […]

Quick Question #14: Why do we have Virtual IP in Oracle RAC

Why do we have a Virtual IP (VIP) in Oracle RAC 10g or 11g? Why does it just return a dead connection when its primary node fails?

The goal is application availability with the shortest disruption time possible.

When a node fails, the VIP associated with it is automatically failed over to some other […]

Quiz Post 14#: Difference between undo and flashbacklog, undo vs. flashback

My old good friend has a question, am not sure whether I have cleared when we discussed but here I made this attempt.

“What is the difference between undo,flashback log, redo log files.”

First Flashback log vs. Redo log

1) Flashback logs and redo log files are similar in nature

2) LGWR writes to redo […]

Quiz Post#13: Sizes of extents when you specify autoallocate for LMT tablespace

Very old thing, but to just refresh, Ever wonder how the extent sizes is managed if your tablespace is in LMT and autoallocate as like below.



DATAFILE ‘/u01/oracle/data/DB1/large_tables_01.dbf’


When you specify auto allocate, Oracle will allocate extent sizes of 64KB, 1MB, 8MB, […]

Quiz Post #12: when does your session/sid/statement appears in V$session_longops

We all know that when a query/statement is running from long time (actually this post is meant to know at what times :)) , the access path will be shown in v$session_longops

Some of the access paths are as below

Table scan; Index Fast Full Scan; Hash join; Sort/Merge; Sort Output; Rollback; Gather Table’s Index […]

Quiz Post# 11: How many GES resources for a RAC instance?

How to measure the GES Resources (enqueues for RAC ) limit in RAC?

Oracle preserves the integrity of the users data during simultaneous use of the same data blocks by different instances using GCS. In addition to data blocks, many other shared resources can be concurrently accessed by end users. Oracle uses a queuing mechanism […]