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Quick Question: Check for performance issues

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to Satish / Shanawaz for sharing this piece.

What if , if you been assigned on,

A brand new database with new application designed , new tables and short volume of data, asked you to verify the database performance and provide suggestions and recommendations for any improvements. You can assume this is […]

Performance Tuning: Oracle SPM Vs. Sql Profiles

The following is the real nice work from

This was very good post and awesome write up which help my blog readers too. End to end on sqlprofiles and spm, happy reading, thanks to Maxym.


SQL Profiles

Note —– – SQL profile "SYS_SQLPROF_012ad8267d9c0000" used FOR this statement




Explain Plan: Different formats/options with dbms_xplan

The DBMS_XPLAN package provides an easy way to display the output of the EXPLAIN PLAN command in several, predefined formats. You can also use the DBMS_XPLAN package to display the plan of a statement stored in the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) or stored in a SQL tuning set. It further provides a way to display […]

SQL Performance Analyzer: Compare two workloads using DBMS_SPA


The following Sql performance analyzer procedure helps you to create a comparison report of multiple runs.

This will especially useful when there is a major change in application for example: Application release, or Database optimizer settings changes etc.


Step 1: Adjust the snapshot collection interval accordingly to 15 mins, the default is […]