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Amazon RDS

Database Provisioning in Amazon RDS

  • Create Oracle Database Using CLI & Cloudformation
  • Create MySQL Database Using CLI & Cloudformation
  • Create PostgresSQL Database Using CLI & Cloudformation
  • Create MS-SQL Database Using CLI & Cloudformation
  • Create Redshift Cluster Using CLI & Cloudformation

Amazon RDS Snapshot Automation

  • Script to run the RDS snapshots every n hours using AWS Data Pipeline

Oracle Database Refresh

This script export the database and download the dump to given directory from RDS and upload to given s3 bucket

  • Export Database

This script import the database by copying from s3 to local ec2 and then upload to RDS and do a refresh

  • Import Database


This scripts downloads the log files from RDS and process and report audit entries via email.

RDS Database Health Check Scripts

This scripts run on the given rds database and provide some insights to user in html format

  • MySQL HealthCheck Script
  • Oracle HealthCheck Script

Downloading and Storing Cloudwatch Metrics for RDS

This scripts download cloudwatch metrics for RDS (all databases types) and store them in oracle tables for historical purposes. Uses SQLLoader hence you may need oracle client installed in your ec2 machine. Works currently for SQL & Oracle (XML Audit)