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SRVCTL Command : For ASM

SRVCTL command for ASM

To add/remove the ASM

    Command: srvctl add asm [-l lsnr_name] [-p spfile] [-d asm_diskstring]
    Command: srvctl remove asm -l [-f]
    Example: srvctl add asm -l LISTENER_ASM01 -p +diskg_data/spfile.ora
    Example: srvctl remove asm -l LISTENER_ASM01 -f

To start/stop the ASM

    Command: srvctl start asm [-n node_name] [-o start_options]
    Example: srvctl start asm -n lnxrac1
    Command: srvctl stop asm [-n node_name] [-o stop_options] [-f]
    Example: srvctl stop asm -n lnxrac1 -f

To check the status of the ASM

    Command: srvctl status asm [-n node_name] [-a]
    Example: srvctl status asm -n lnxrac1 -a

To enable/disable ASM

    Command: srvctl enable asm [-n node_name]
    Example: srvctl enable asm -n lnxrac1
    Command: srvctl disable asm [-n node_name]
    Example: srvctl disable asm -n lnxrac1

To configure the ASM

    Command: srvctl config asm [-a]
    Example: srvctl config asm -a

To modify the ASM parameters

    Command: srvctl modify asm [-n node_name] [-l listener_name] [-d asm_diskstring] [-p spfile_path]
    Example: srvctl modify asm -l listener01

To get/set/unset the environment of ASM

    Example: srvctl getenv asm
    Example: srvctl setenv asm -t LANG=en
    Example: srvctl unsetenv asm -t CLASSPATH