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12c Database : Network enhancements – DEFAULT_SDU_SIZE to 2M

How many you know this structure at first glance, I am sure the old DBA junkies will say what this called immediately, but for those who does not know this diagram is called Network OSI diagram for Oracle and layers between client and database servers and how oracle connects.

Oracle uses different methods […]

12c Database : Deprecated features in Database Security

Going through the documentation and found the following were deprecated which we have may used in our environments.

The following tns parameters have been deprecated, When you process a query that involves a connected database link, the server acts as a client to the target database of the database link. For example, suppose you have […]

12c Database : Session level (private)statistics for global temporary tables

Often, when the global temporary tables are in use in batch processing, we have lot of problems regarding plan stability.

For example

A session inserting 1 row in a global temporary table based on some other table joins Another session which were apparently doing the same insert but will try to insert 1000 rows […]

12c Database : Monitor Database operations using EM Express

Previous to 12c, when you want to perform an monitoring the Session you will have to turn the trace etc or trace with application/module/program/sql_id etc.

But, what if you want to monitor specific operation for that session not whole or application. Kind of set of operations you want to peform not all with in that […]