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12c Database : Network enhancements – DEFAULT_SDU_SIZE to 2M

How many you know this structure at first glance, I am sure the old DBA junkies will say what this called immediately, but for those who does not know this diagram is called Network OSI diagram for Oracle and layers between client and database servers and how oracle connects.

Oracle uses different methods […]

12c Database : Index clustering factor – Do your own math

From 12c, one can influence the clustering factor i.e set at custom level.

For those who does not know about clustering factor and how does it influence the optimizer to use index or not. Suggesting to read the following, if you already know skip the following and proceed to test case.

The clustering factor is […]

12c Database : Multiple indexes on same columns or column list

From 12c onwards, we can create a mixed indexes (bitmap and btree both) on same columns which is very useful in DW environments. Before to 12c you will receive the such column is already indexed error or index already exists if you want to create the same.

I have a copy of dba_objects as […]