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Oracle 12.2 New Features : Convert Non Partitioned Table to Partitioned Table using ALTER

In earlier versions of Oracle, when one want to convert a table to partition, one must use move or export/import method and rename it.

Now in 12.2 release we can use ALTER table command to convert the table into Partitioned Table. Here is sample command it is from the documentation excerpt,



Oracle 12.2 New Features : Local UNDO and Flashback PDB Database


You can now flashback PDB database exclusively with Local UNDO enabled. In earlier versions, Oracle shares the undo tablespace for CDB and PDB’s and creates a common view for transaction and instance recovery done at all CDB and PDB level. With local undo , Oracle has to change this a bit, it has to […]

Oracle 12.2 New Features : SQLPLUS Enhancements

In 12.2 release, one of the coolest things that every DBA would love is to get history in SQLPLUS :).

Now you can have history ON/OFF with SQLPLUS and see history



Some other features like, FAST OPTION -F flag to set the ARRAYSIZE PAGESIZE STATEMENTCACHE all […]

Oracle 12.2 New Features : Long Identifiers – What a relief

Oracle 12.2. is out and in Cloud first. 🙂

Out of all features one future must aware and important thing is long identifiers limitation relief , earlier any table or index cannot exceed more than 30 character length.

Not sure how many of you have face issues with character limit, but I was, and many […]