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12c Database : Index clustering factor – Do your own math

From 12c, one can influence the clustering factor i.e set at custom level.

For those who does not know about clustering factor and how does it influence the optimizer to use index or not. Suggesting to read the following, if you already know skip the following and proceed to test case.

The clustering factor is […]

12c Database : Session level (private)statistics for global temporary tables

Often, when the global temporary tables are in use in batch processing, we have lot of problems regarding plan stability.

For example

A session inserting 1 row in a global temporary table based on some other table joins Another session which were apparently doing the same insert but will try to insert 1000 rows […]

12c Database : Reporting mode for statistics jobs and compare statistics jobs

Before to 12c, we have a problem to revert back to a question, how much time does the statistics operation will run?

This is common problem, as we cannot anticipate the time and its depend on the various factors that will take place at time of statistics job execution.

To accomplish this we will have […]

12c Database : Statistics Enhancements : CTAS and Insert as select now comes up with statistics

From 12c Onwards, Oracle statistics gathering has been improvised and after bulk load operations the statistics will be gather automatically. Earlier, Create as select , or Insert as select operations required manual statistics gathering, where in this has been removed now. The following bulk operations is supportive for automatic statistics gather on fly. CREATE TABLE […]