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12c Database : Index clustering factor – Do your own math

From 12c, one can influence the clustering factor i.e set at custom level.

For those who does not know about clustering factor and how does it influence the optimizer to use index or not. Suggesting to read the following, if you already know skip the following and proceed to test case.

The clustering factor is […]

12c Database : SQL Translation Framework – Developer thing

SQL Translation framework is a new feature in 12c to give ability to the developers to migrate code without changing the underlying code.

In addition , this feature also provides the translation of code from non-oracle to oracle coding.

Further more, this feature can be a enhancement to sql profiles baselines etc. which can be […]

12c Database : View database patches from the sql prompt

From 12c onwards, you can view the database home patch list from sql prompt itself . A new package dbms_qopatch has been introduced to accomplish this.

Few cool sub routines in this package are get_opatch_install, lsinventory, opatch_bugs etc.

SQL> set longchunksize 1000 SQL> select DBMS_QOPATCH.get_opatch_install_info() from dual DBMS_QOPATCH.GET_OPATCH_INSTALL_INFO() ———————————————————————– <oraclehome><uid>OracleHome-5958ed72-136c-4adc-a078-e3ec7081a6e8</uid> <targettypeid>oracle_home</targettypeid> <patchingmodel>oneoff</patchingmodel> <path>/u01/app/oracle/product/</path> <targettypeid>oracle_home</targettypeid> <inventorylocation>/u01/app/oraInventory</inventorylocation> […]

12c Database : Default Values enhancements

Prior to 12c, if the developer wants to create a sequential ID number generator , he/she has to use a sequence and then a trigger or reference that seq value in the insert statement.

From 12c Onwards, this has been enhanced by providing the sequence.nextval in the table definition itself.

Further it even enhanced that […]