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12c Database : ASM Enhancements : FlexASM – Overview

Flex ASM is a new architecture in Oracle Cluster/Grid Infrastructure where you can reduce the foot print of ASM instances in the cluster. I.e you really do not need 4 ASM instances for 4 Nodes.

In addition to above, Flex ASM also alleviate the problem of RDBMS instance dependency on ASM instance. For instance, if […]

12c Database: New Features List 2

Few more collection of new features with in 12c database in continuation to my earlier post in this category

RMAN Enhancements:-

Recover or copy files from Standby databases Table level restoration i.e object level Incremental recovery more faster, many of the tasks removed

RAC Enhancements:-

TAF is extended to Transactions failover (insert/update/delete)

Dataguard Enhancements:-

Global […]

12c database: New features list

The below is Gathered from various sources and listed out here, thanks to all who shared those in their respective blogs, Optimizer Blog, Tim hall, Ask Tom etc.

Core Architecture Changes:- Container & Pluggable Databases –  New parameter PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT, to limit the pga memory utilization New role CDB Administrator has been introduced Multi threaded database […]

12c Database: Threaded executions ?

Oracle may introduce or leverage the multi threading architecture more.

In turns, Oracle may reduce the number of process that it actually use to minimum, One process on behalf of all the other dedicated processes will work and drastically reduces the number of processes.

There will be a new parameter for this could be […]