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Example 9: Conflict Resolution & Skipping Transaction

In replication, one of the most important issue is conflict data and whenever the conflicts happen the replication stops and it will not proceed. Common cases of conflicts can be,

  • No data found (ora-1403)
  • Unique constraint errors
  • primary key violations

We need to either fix the data (not the dba job should checked by business analysts), or skip the transactions.

In order to skip the transactions in goldengate in such scenario, the following methods can be used. Usually and generally replicat process will be in abended state when conflict arises.

  • Using logdump
  • Skiptranaction
  • Handle collisions
  • Exceptional handling
Using LogDump ./logdump

open <trail file name>

position <rba address> -> rba address can be found frm  info replicat detail

next (to skip to next record and note down the RBA)


alter replicat rep_trg extrba <rba address>

start replicat rep_trg

Using Skip Transaction ./ggsci

start replicat myload2 skiptransaction

Using Handle Collisions Parameter ./ggsci

send replicat rep_trg, HANDLECOLLISIONS

or in replicat definition

HANDLECOLLISIONS MAP test.myobj, TARGET test.myobj;

Once the transaction is skipped or handled disable the handlecollisions

send replicat rep_trg, NOHANDLECOLLISIONS

or in replicat definition file


Using Exception Handling