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Example 16: Different Versions of Goldengate Replication

Is it possible to have goldengate replicate between 10g database and 11g database or viceversa.

Answer, Yes.

Its not the databases versions , since Since goldengate trail files are independent to database and they contain their own format of trail files by reading redo/archive log files. And this trail files are only means for replication.

But if the target version of goldengate is lower than source version then this could be an issue, due to header format maintain the version in extract trail files.

Consider this scenario

Source Target
11gR2 Database 10G/11gR1 Database
11gR2 GG Software 11GR1 GG Software
Extract will generate trails in 11gR2 Format Replicat will try to read those extract trail and file with

ERROR OGG-01389 File header failed to parse tokens. File /data/ggate/ex10919, last offset 100, data: 0x

To overcome this, The extract parameter FORMAT must be added to target version so that extract maintains the trail file headers in lower version format as like target. As you see the format release is matched with target gg version above.


edit params ext3

extract ext3
userid ggs_owner, password ggs_owner
rmthost, mgrport 7809
rmttrail /data/ggate/ex00, format release 11.1
table test.myobj6;

Once added, alter the extract to start over from next trail file using etrollover. (new sequence will be generated)
ggsci> alter extract ext3, etrollover

On Target side, alter the replication process to start read from new extrail sequence

ggsci&gt; <span style="font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">alter replicat rep1 extseqno 1

Should now the replicate process proceed without issue.