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Example 12: Missing Archive Log File

Sometimes , due to RMAN Deletion Policy archives may be deleted and if goldengate extract process needs it, then as such no archive is present , the extract process will be abended.

In those cases, the following error will be shown in GG Error log

2011-05-10 15:13:23  ERROR   OGG-00446  Could not find archived log for sequence 92 thread 1 under default destinations SQL <SELECT  name    FROM v$archived_log   WHERE sequence# = :ora_seq_no AND  thread# = :ora_thread AND         resetlogs_id = :ora_resetlog_id AND         archived = 'YES' AND         deleted = 'NO>, error retrieving redo file name for sequence 92, archived = 1, use_alternate = 0 Not able to establish initial position for begin time 2011-05-10 14:38:39.

If you have an archive log in backup. Just restore it from rman and start the extract process.

If you do not have archive log at all, then you must skip the archive log to do that.

Reading the error saying , the archive log sequence 92 is missing, so if you want to read next archive then issue following command


alter extract ext3, extseqno 93

Monitor the error log or check extract status

info extract ext3, detail

Note: By Doing so, the target may miss the data that changed and recorded in that missing archive log file.