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Goldengate Overview & Architecture

GoldenGate Practice Links

Example 1: Installing & Configuring Goldengate

Example 2: Configuring Manager & Starting Manager Process

Example 3: Configure the Extract / Replicat for Initial Load

Example 4: Configuring Online Change Synchronization after initial load

Example 5: Configuring Secondary Extract on Source (datapump process)

Example 6 : Configuring DDL Synchronization

Example 7: Filtering the data

Example 8: Definitions changes using Defgen utility

Example 9: Skipping Transaction in Goldengate

Example 10: Reporting Tools

Example 11:  Missing Trail File

Example 12: Missing Archive Log File

Example 13: Purging Trail Files

Example 14: Auto Starting Extracts & Replicats & More Manager Parameter

Example 15: Security in Goldengate

Example 16: Different Versions of Goldengate Replication

Example 17: Start/Stop/Altering Extract - Regenerating, Rolling Over etc

Example 18: Start/Stop/Altering Replicat - Repositioning etc.

Example 19: Troubleshooting using LogDump & Skipping Transactions

Example 20: Managing Extracts for Multiple Database Homes

Example 21: Integrated Goldengate Capture

Example 22: Performance Options in Goldengate

Example 23: Heterogeneous Replication Oracle to MySQL

Example 24: Bi-Directional (Active-Active) Goldengate Setup

Example 25: Active-Active Setup Notes

Example 26: Active-Active Replication Practice

Example 27: Monitoring & Goldengate HealthCheck Script

Example 28: Parallelism for Golden Gate Extract and Replicat Process

Example 29: Upgrading Goldengate to 12c

Example 30: Goldengate Veridata

Example 31: Goldegate Director

Goldengate Interview Question & Answers Coming Soon.

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