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AWS RDS – Storing CloudWatch metrics for historical analysis

Update: 17 nov. AWS announced the cloudwatch metrics now stores until 15 months read this. Oh AWS world its ever chaning…..

all aware, AWS CloudWatch metrics only hold for two weeks in console and beyond that you cannot analyse what happened unlike our other monitoring tools.

For those who are new […]

Duplicate Standby : Issues & Issues all the way

Well doing,

All the DBA’s using the duplicate database to build a standby database and its proved most of the times it works. But it happens sometimes that it creates a series of issues.

Thanks to our good old DBA Basavaraju (a very long time DBA) for pointing out this series of issues and […]

ORATOP : Another Oracle Performance tool from Oracle

Another nice performance tool from Oracle which process real time sessions and shows in nice output. Here it is


A very simple elegant, light weight tool to monitor the performance of the database,

Just copy the executable from the note 1500864.1 and set your environment and run the command to monitor […]

Script: Shell Script to connect to all databases in a server and change a parameter


When you need to run something like a check of parameter in all databases in a server and if you have more databases, manually doing will be cumbersome.

Here is the script that helps to connect to all databases in a server by reading /etc/oratab (linux) and then change a parameter streams pool to […]

Script:- Check the resource dependencies in RAC Cluster

Sometimes You may require to check the dependencies for the resources for example to stop a ASM you will need to find what are the dependent resources in CRS or to change a vip what are the dependent resources associated with it to bring them down and perform your activity like chaning vip etc.

To […]

Quick Question: When is my table last accessed? Does my index is in use?

The question is tricky,

I have asked accessed not modified/changed. If so modified/changed dba_tab_modifications can give you a clue.

For both of this questions, the below query will help.

Table is in use or not? This question may arise from App team that they have released a new module which may not require certain tables […]

Scripts: Segment statistics, reads/writes/waits at table level


Suppose you have been asked about how much reads/writes happening and what are the wait events that occured for a object(table) in a given period or overall. so then read on….

We have different ways to get the Table level statistics like waits/reads/logical reads/physical reads /writes etc.


1) In Oracle 8i […]

Script: Grid Control: Logs cleanup, housekeeping OMS logs in 11g and 12c

OMS (Enterprise Manager) is generating huge quatity of logs. Logs generated by the Grid Infrastructure are spread across modules. There are logs for http Apache module, log for Infrastructure, agents logs and traces, opmn logs etc.

Here are the location of logs that use a lot of disk space:

1) Agent Log and Trace Files: […]

Script: Object or Table Growth from AWR

Hello All,

Sometimes we were been asked to provide the object or a table growth, Here is some nice script, which is useful to find the table growth per day for a given table;

select obj.owner, obj.object_name, to_char(sn.BEGIN_INTERVAL_TIME,'RRRR-MON-DD') start_day, sum(a.db_block_changes_delta) block_increase from dba_hist_seg_stat a, dba_hist_snapshot sn, dba_objects obj where sn.snap_id = a.snap_id and obj.object_id = […]

Scripts: adrci purge script, housekeeping

ADRCI: Automatic diagnostic repository command interface, used to manage the diagnostic, health monitor, or incident packaging solutions for Oracle databases.

This is the small adrci automatic purge script rather to rely on traditional log purging or housekeeping scripts.

This script will check in /etc/oratab and list down all oracle homes and then set those Oracle […]