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AIOUG – Sangam 17 – I am Speaking too

Hello All,

I am speaking this year at AIOUG Sangam 17 and my presenation topic is Oracle Sharding.

Agenda yet to be published and registrations are open.




Australia OTN 2017 – IAOUG – OTN (ODC) Conference 2017

We are back again, this year with more fantastic sessions with another set of Speakers who are well known in Oracle Community and ACE (D).

More Details at

Registrations are Open and Tickets are Limited

Venue: Rydge Hotel World Square, Sydney, Australia

Date: Nov 24,

From: 8:30 am until 5:30 pm

[…] -E Emulation Feature


Many of us know about script to upgrade the databases using parallel slave processes since 12c. Adding to that there is executable in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/bin called dbupgrade utility which in turn calls out

There is little known feature which is emulation feature you can run with this utility or script. it displays on […]

18c Database

Hello All

As you all aware or if not aware of, the next database release i.e is named as 18c and 19c so on. Here is the roadmap from document 742060.1.

What does it contain or we expect from this release?

Tagged as fully autonomous database if your database in Oracle Public Cloud If […]