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MongoDB for Oracle DBA’s Part 1 – Features or Keywords Comparision

Welcome to first Post on MongoDB.

Given my experience over RDBMS during past decade, exploring the current NOSQL database technologies and keep ourself updated. This will not only help ourselves but also enable us to know where to use this, since majority NOSQL databases are not fit for everything, they are customised and fit […]

AWS RDS – Storing CloudWatch metrics for historical analysis

Update: 17 nov. AWS announced the cloudwatch metrics now stores until 15 months read this. Oh AWS world its ever chaning…..

all aware, AWS CloudWatch metrics only hold for two weeks in console and beyond that you cannot analyse what happened unlike our other monitoring tools.

For those who are new […]

AWS RDS – Start & Stop Feature Available


Finally, The long awaited feature AWS RDS Stop/Start database feature is available with Amazon RDS, As of now you can only modify / terminate but cannot stop / start.

Check out your console and you see option to stop and start.

Seems not officially stated but available in console. 🙂