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Performance Troubleshooting : DB File Sequential Read When performing Full Table Scan

Hello All,

What wait event you observe when Oracle Performs a full table scan?

DB File Scattered Read Direct Path Reads (from 11g onwards under certain conditions)

What wait event you observe when Oracle Performs a table via index scan?

DB File Sequential Read

While we are working a issue, we apparently found an issue […]

Quick Question : Finding Transactions on a Table

Folks! this subject line may sound silly, but most of us really think how for a moment.

Business Requirement is some want to add a column to high volatile table, So they want to understand, Does it cause issue as its high volatile and access by Website? What is the best time to add a […]

Cassandra for Oracle DBA’s Part 7 – Adding & Deleting Nodes

Adding a Node, is straight forward,

1. Generate a token list by using script and so you can get the token range for new node.

2. Download the cassandra software, unpack it and change the cassandra.yaml of three important following parameters

cluster_name: ‘geek_cluster’

seeds: “,,”



Cassandra for Oracle DBA’s Part 5 – High Availability

High Availability is the key for any distributed systems which includes the load balancing. In High Availability , one can think of Active-Active Nodes or Active – Passive Nodes, Cassandra and Oracle RAC falls into the first category, active-active mode. But Cassandra have important architectural differences unlike oracle rac

Cassandra does not use shared storage, […]

Cassandra for Oracle DBA’s Part 5 : Read and Write Consistency

With the Data not shared model, how does a client or query get a consistent data and how does a write ensure that it is writing right data.

Obvious answer is the maintaining consistency in a database involves in adhering the ACID Properties.

Cassandra follows Atomicity, Isolation, Durability but consistency is an eventual consistency or […]