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Performance Troubleshooting Series : Identifying or Estimating How much PGA needed by Session/Query

Have got a question from one of fellow DBA that how much PGA the session will use or needed.

Well to answer this, first we need to know what PGA looks like and what it used for?

The follow shows the components of a PGA, the little space used for Stack, Env Variables and Private […]

Performance Troubleshooting Series: Query Parsing & Execution Times

As we all know, optimizer parse the statement to provide a plan, but to provide that Oracle Optimizer has to go through different phases called Parse, Execute, Fetch.

1. Parsing has three phases again,

Compiler: Compiles the statement to oracle readable format or oracle understandable state.

Estimator: Look out the […]

Configuring RAC on Amazon Cloud

Hello All,

This post is specifically for those who works on Amazon Cloud and want to build a RAC on Amazon EC2 Instances (machines).

There is a very good article in the AWS Documentation Articles (here), but the linux instances taken and built were very large and per hour it cost around 4$ each […]