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Performance Troubleshooting Series : Troubleshooting Instance Memory Structures (SGA + PGA) Usage

In the previous series we have seen how to troubleshoot IO, CPU and Database TimeSpent/Consumed,

Today’s Post I will be sharing with you the most common issues or to tackle memory related questions.

As we all know Oracle does manage things (blocks/modifications) in memory and track them in memory and sort them in memory and […]

Performance Troubleshooting Series : Understanding Database CPU – Consumers – Waiters – Average Active Sessions


Previous parts in the series we have covered, DB Load Profile, DB Load Profile2, Time Model, IO Performance.

In Today’s series, we will see, I cover both current/AWR in one after another below, the scripts are attached and linked for each screenshot for your later use. (It took longer than usual, as such I […]

Performance Troubleshooting Series: Understanding I/O Wait Performance of Oracle Database


After Looking at identifying Database Load in previous posts (Post 1,Post 2) and seeing where the database time spending much (Post 3). Its time to check out how I/O is performance how much average millseconds for each type of I/O wait happening.

Here we are going to discuss about two cases,

1. Case 1: […]

Performance Troubleshooting Series : Understanding where the database time is spending – Time Model Statistics


This is the third post in this series, If you haven’t read the previous articles please go through here,

First Post,

Second Post,

Starting 10g, Apart from Metrics tables, there is another area of troubleshooting can be done by using Time Model series. Its very useful to understand where is the over […]

Performance Troubleshooting Series : Understanding your database load from Metrics – Part 2


This is the second part of the series of Performance Troubleshooting, Whilst the first one is from AWR/Statspack tables.

And what if , if you don’t have both in your environment, That made me to write up this second post.

Those who does not know about the metrics tables a short notes here, After […]

Performance Troubleshooting Series : Understanding your Oracle Database Load


Very long back, Karlarao has written a wonderful script which delivers a exhaustive report for database performance. The script extracts the data from AWR repository tables.

Where in I have took liberty to tweak the same script for those who does not have AWR licensing and having statspack only.

Here is the script […]

Script for Staleness Percent for each table

Ever, interested in looking for statistics staleness for each table including how much percent they stale are. The following query helps you to get you the details.

This query filter out the staleness for those tables which having more than or equal to 10%, you can adjust accordingly.

However, you will need to […]