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Statistics Comparison – Handy Scripts

If you are working a production support DBA and very often you will need to check the statistics of the table and how much change what changed in each columns etc. I have figured out two ways for it and seems very useful.

Option 1:- 11gR1 has a package to show differences and comparison of […]

Database Host Reports Top CPU – 100% – Just a simple rescue script

The situation is, and you just logged 🙂

1. DB Response is slow

2. Top/OEM/Graphs show your database host CPU is pegged to 100%, and (no other things running apart from db)

3. Unfortunately you do not have Active Session History, to fire a magical script , 5 minutes back, 10 minutes back,

4. […]

Flushing PGA (Private Global Area)

Does any knows about flushing the PGA?

Actually it can, not quite sure of release memory or not as it depends on high water mark (as like you try to shrink the datafile and it fails) similarly the following procedure also may not work if a memory chunk sitting at the edge of high water […]