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Step by Step Build of Standby (dataguard) in two node RAC

Hello All,

Here are the steps to implement the Standby in RAC and the following is the test environment

Production RAC: Geek DBA12cprmy1 Geek DBA12cprmy2 Standby RAC:- Geek DBA12cdr1 Geek DBA12cdr2

1 . Add standby logs on Primary Database

alter database add standby logfile thread 1 group 10 (‘+PRMY_DATA’) size 500M; alter database add […]

Dataguard : Network Tuning Parameters

Whilst, was working on a dataguard network performance issue thought should write something on this.

The most important aspect of the dataguard is network transport, and if the undersized or improper configuration may lead to the redo transport issue and production may show you the log synch waits etc.

The following parameters may be tuned […]

Cluster not starting- cssd(12103)]CRS-2302:Cannot get GPnP profile. Error CLSGPNP_NO_DAEMON (GPNPD daemon is not running).

Hello All,

Long time !!! Its been very busy schedule and could not spend much on the blog at all.

Anyways back now, and here this time with gpnp profile.

Issue is , the node 2 not starting due to gpnp profile missing/mismatch. Following in the crs alert log in node 2 […]