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difference between and


I have got a question during my session with my colleagues, the difference between and

Both resides in $GRID_HOME/oui/bin will be useful or used when you run the grid infrastructure in standalone mode (single node Cluster) will be useful or used when you run the grid infrastructure in normal mode […]

12c Release 1 – is missing?


While doing practice have been encountered this that is no more located in $GI_HOME/oui/bin, instead it is avaliable in separate folder at $GI_HOME/addnode/

Crazy, I should also request :(, where I have stumbled upon one more thing

Where in the or the does not contain delete option instead it contains […]

12c Database : New release is out – some new features

For 12c, the new full release has been released i.e

The relevant note is Patchset Location For “12.1 Grid Infrastructure (CRS, ASM & ACFS)” And “12.1 RDBMS (Database)”. (Doc ID 1910494.1) And the relevant pathch is Patchset 17694377.

The same can be downloaded from OTN site here

There are some important […]

OEL 6.5 Kernel Not supporting to ACFS/ADVM

We have been running into issues in a training , that OEL 6.5 Kernel not shipped with ADVM/ACFS and deliberatly I have to get back to 6.3 or lesser kernel for 12c.

acfsload start -s gives the following error

acfs-9459: advm/acfs is not supported on this os version

Once I have installed the kernel 6.3 […]

CRS Startup : Oracle ORA-21561 : OID generation failed

After long time, I have been writing back now. I will running through a series of posts from now on Grid infrastructure issues.

The first one is Oracle ORA-21561 : OID generation failed

While starting crs / Adding the node the crs alert log will show the error Oracle ORA-21561 : OID generation failed

This […]