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12c Database : Network enhancements – DEFAULT_SDU_SIZE to 2M

How many you know this structure at first glance, I am sure the old DBA junkies will say what this called immediately, but for those who does not know this diagram is called Network OSI diagram for Oracle and layers between client and database servers and how oracle connects.

Oracle uses different methods […]

12c Database : Upgrades – 460 Slides deck from Oracle

Really,  about 460 slides on just upgrades, all information about upgrade matrix, upgrade paths, references etc etc. A must read for all.

I will also upload the same soon.

-Geek DBAGeek DBA

RACONENODE : convert your rac database to active/passive

Configuring RACONENODE in RAC database.

We all know that Oracle RAC is active/active configuration, but due to application compatibility (the design part like cache fusion incompatibilities etc) you will need to stick to active/passive configuration but you want High availability solution and you do not want to use any third party clustering like VCS, Answer […]

Unix : Solaris psrset – bound cpu to specific processes

Using psrset, we can assign specific cpu’s as a group and assign specific processes to that processor set. This is useful in RAC where there node evictions due to CPU scheduling delays or CPU bottlenecks are high, we can assign the critical process like cssd, crsd, ohasd etc, so that CPU is always available to […]

Flashback : Guaranteed vs normal restore point

The key difference

Guaranteed restore point does not need explicitly flashback on, where in the normal restore point does Guaranteed restore point requires less I/O as compared to the normal restore point due to the fact that flashback log maintains only one copy of block image before it get modified. where in the normal […]

OffTopic post : Telugu Website by my teacher

Hello All,

This post is off the topic from Oracle which I generally not do in my blog, But I have to do this as I met my childhood teacher and wondered he has done a great work by creating a website for Telugu and trying to website as a medium to get the popularity […]

BigData Posts – Update


You might be wondering about no posts in my blog. But the fact is am busy learning BigData and praticising and preparing a tutorial content in my new subdomain blog.

So far three lessons have been posted on Bigdata Hadoop Fundamentals, if you have missed to see them here are they,

Hadoop Overview […]

Happy New YEAR – Thanks to All.


First of all, ****Many Many THANKS**** to all of my blog readers for the support and continuous encouragement through out the year 2013.

A wonderful year now on the history books as like my posts moves to Archives. I have tried to write as many as I can and that’s again a great learning […]