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12c Database : Convert normal cluster to flex cluster

Continuing from previous post,

Prerequisites for FlexCluster:- You must use Grid Naming Service (GNS) with an Oracle Flex Cluster deployment. You must configure the GNS VIP as a static IP address for Hub Nodes. On Multi-cluster configurations, you must identify the GNS client data file location for Leaf Nodes. The GNS client data files are […]

12c Database : RAC – SRVCTL enhancements – Evaluation mode

In 12c RAC, the srvctl can be run evaluation mode , where the command tells you the impact of running that command, what actions will take place by running that command etc.

For example, modifying the server pool will show the following.

$ srvctl relocate server -servers "rac1" -eval -serverpool pool2

Database db1      […]

12c Database : IPV6 and IPV4 support for Clusterware


Before starting again, see following if you are not aware of what is IPV4 and IPV6 formats of IP Address.

The screenshot above is my desktop ipconfig command, if you see the IPV4 address in yellow box, in format of, on other hand in red box the ipv6 format is […]

12c Database : Flex Cluster Overview

I will start this post with a Grid Infrastructure installation slide, which ask you the type of cluster you want to install.


As you noted,  "Standard Cluster" and "Flex Cluster". We understood by now standard cluster is a traditional cluster. Now let’s explore what is Flexcluster is.

Generally, an application layer and a […]

12c Database : Resource role – no unlimited tablespace now

If you are old junkie and rely more on “grant connect, resource to myself”, then you should look back this.

From 12c onwards, resource role will not provide unlimited tablespace privilege and no longer available too. As we already know resource role is deprecated from 11g onwards and will not be available in future releases.


12c Database : Select any dictionary privilege – controlled access to views


There were the cases of denying “select any dictionary” privilege from database security teams especially in banking section since this privilege can access the sensitive views like DEFAULT_PWD$ etc.

From 12c Onwards the “select any dictionary” system privilege no longer permits you to query the SYS schema system tables DEFAULT_PWD$, ENC$, LINK$, USER$, […]

12c Database : Deprecated features in Database Security

Going through the documentation and found the following were deprecated which we have may used in our environments.

The following tns parameters have been deprecated, When you process a query that involves a connected database link, the server acts as a client to the target database of the database link. For example, suppose you have […]

12c Database : Flashback data archives now optimized with compression option

Earlier to 12c, the Flashback data archive option is not used compression of FDA data(the changes happens to the table will be copied to some internal FDA tables, Daily a partition is created for the table and the daily wise changes to the data will be copied to the FDA tables like SYS_FBA*).

From […]

12c Database : Automatic Data Optimization II – Practice

In the last post you have seen how ADO helps us to cut down the storage costs and also improvise the efficiency.

In this post we will test and Before to drill down to practice, ADO works in two steps.

When the instance level heatmap is on, the real time statistics i.e data usage […]