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Script: Grid Control: Logs cleanup, housekeeping OMS logs in 11g and 12c

OMS (Enterprise Manager) is generating huge quatity of logs. Logs generated by the Grid Infrastructure are spread across modules. There are logs for http Apache module, log for Infrastructure, agents logs and traces, opmn logs etc.

Here are the location of logs that use a lot of disk space:

1) Agent Log and Trace Files: […]

Grid Control: Configuring targets in grid control

Once the grid agent has been installed on target servers, we have to log to Grid control and configure the targets located by the agent, in order to collect the metrics by agent and upload to OMS, (typically dbnsmp password etc to be provided) other wise the in GUI you will see metric collection errors


Grid Control: Exporting and importing monitoring templates

We may need sometimes to export or import the monitoring templates in Oracle grid control from one environment to new environment, for example when you upgrade or a new OMS infrastructure has been built, in this case the emcli export/import will help you to copy the monitoring templates between environments, lets see how to do […]

11gR2 RAC: How to get spfile from asm disk when the asm instance is not mounted

As you aware spfile located in asm disks only starting 11gR2 in cluster environment.

When CRSD need to start the various resources of the node or updates it changes in OCR. the location of spfile also should known to crsd.

Here the gpnp profile comes into handy. (read more here for gpnp)

The order […]

11gR2 : Oracle flash cache (exadata, non exadata also works), A secondary memory pool for your database buffer cache

In 11gR2, Oracle has introduced a cache called flash cache which is a secondary cache of the buffer cache. This flash cache is resides in L2 Cache of the system  (RAM) and can be very fast compare to the disk.  The SSD disks which gives you the benefit of high speed disks , the same […]

Oracle Cursor Sharing Examples

In the previous post we discussed about the Parent & Child Cursors in Oracle and how do they work or shared.

To get into deeper, Oracle controls the sharing of cursors with parameter called cursor_sharing. It has three values


In this post we will create a table which has some records with […]

Shared Pool: Parent & Child Cursors in Shared Pool


A cursor is a memory area in library cache allocated to a SQL statement which stores various info about the SQL statement like its text, execution plan, statistics etc.

Each SQL statement has

One Parent cursor One or more child cursors


It […]

Oracle RAC: Node evictions & 11gR2 node eviction means restart of cluster stack not reboot of node

Cluster integrity and cluster membership will be governed by occsd (oracle cluster synchronization daemon) monitors the nodes using 2 communication channels:

– Private Interconnect  aka Network Heartbeat – Voting Disk based communication aka  Disk Heartbeat

Network heartbeat:-

Each node in the cluster is “pinged” every second

Nodes must respond in css_misscount time (defaults to […]

11gR2 RAC: Why SCAN & Node Listeners in 11gRAC


A long notes (confusing) on listeners in 11gR2 RAC.

You all aware of we have two listeners running in database servers in Grid Infrastructure (Aka RAC) namely scan listeners and node listeners.

How does they work?

The SCAN works by being able to resolve to multiple IP addresses reflecting multiple listeners in the cluster […]

Thank you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hello All,

My best wishes for Christmas and upcoming new year to you all!

This year has been very promising to me via this blog which earned me a lot of good friends and fellow DBA’s, indeed I have a learnt a lot too via this channel.

I recognized that the journey of this blog […]